Frequently asked questions...

membership & fees

When does the season start?
September 1st each year. Membership prices are reduced as the season progresses.

Which memberships include light access?
Senior and student members can play under lights in the evenings as their memberships include light access.

Do I get a key?
Yes, once you've paid, you get a key and you can use the club at any time.

What is the "Parent Add-On"?
If you're purchasing a junior membership for your kids, and you're only a very occasional player, you can use the facilities also for an extra $120

I've signed up, what next?
We'll usually process your application within 48 hours. You'll get a welcome email when your registration is confirmed. 

How do I pay my fees? 
By internet banking. Once you have submitted your registration we will email you through our account number. 


The Facilities

How many courts do you have?
We have six courts, laid out in 3 pairs.
You never have to chase too far to get your ball!

What are your court surfaces?
All our courts are astroturf.

Can I use the clubhouse?
Absolutely. Junior keys do not open the clubhouse, but it is normally open so please feel free to use the facility. Senior and student keys get you into the gate and the clubhouse. Please keep our facility tidy and leave it as you found it.


Can I use the lights at night?
Yes if you have a senior or student membership. The switches are on the wall of the clubhouse, by the kitchen.
Lights are available until 10pm, after which we must turn them off to be considerate to our neighbours.

Do you have rackets I can borrow?
For junior coaching, we have heaps of rackets, which will be provided to all. There are a few rackets for adults too, ask Josh.


How do I sign up for interclub competition?
Contact Stephanie

How long is the season?
The season runs from September to April, with a break for Xmas.

When are the matches played?
On Saturday or Sunday mornings or midday, depending on wether you're junior or senior.

How many interclub teams do you have?
10 senior and 13 junior teams... we have a team playing at nearly every level!

Where can I find out more?
At the Auckland Tennis website:
Senior Interclub
Junior Interclub

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please email us at